A business’s most valuable asset is in its reputation, and its reputation is embodied in its trademark. We have registered many trademarks and provided for the legal transfer, retention and defense of our clients’ global trademark rights. What we provide mainly revolves around the following services:

Trademark Registration
We can assist in searching for existing registrations, claiming priority for trademarks, register trademarks and renew them, and do all the needed procedures up until finalizing the registration and the issuance of registration certificates.

Trademark License Agreements
We assist clients in drafting, reviewing and registering trademark licensing agreements whether taking place within the context of a franchise deal or licensing scheme.

Trademark Litigation
We can assist clients in filing criminal and civil lawsuits before the local courts in case of counterfeit, parallel trade, illegal use of the mark, and generally any violation of the trademark.

Patent Registration
This is one of our main expertise especially for IT businesses, software and computer related inventions.